Etmoocering with you all !

Right, I confess that this is my first mooc course and I would like to share my enthusiasm with you all. I am a Secondary English teacher and currently I am also working on teacher training as well. I strongly believe on collaborative learning .That is why I want to learn and also share my experience so far.


Let’s blog,why not?

First and foremost, I want to highlight that my effort will be addressed to ‘difficult students’ like the ones I am copying with all along this course . Not only because their special needs must be fullfilled but also because I strongly believe that using the blog will enable them to feel that they are gifted and talented enough to do the tasks, since I have appreciated by now that most of them feel really miserable and unmotivated

Learning objectives
The main goals in our try will be: getting to know to create the blog, making use of the language needed, working in a cooperative way and having a positive attitude.

Students role/Teachers role

Teachers are supposed to facilitate the bloggers their job by offering them all they need and our own experience as learners!


A good point is that all the job gets registered and that you can assess the process, not just the result. I also consider it s as a chance for them to evaluate their own job.

Problems we may cope with

Definitely, technical failure scares me the most.You know, our school has recently been going through a period of
technological chaos . (lack of accessibility to the Internet and so on so forth). So I keep on thinking that although this new way of working can save my professional life ( I MUST SURVIVE! ) We still need an analogical
PLAN B just in case.

Etwinning or ‘how I got involved in an authentic collaborative project for the first time’

About three years ago I learnt about the chance to share work with a secondary school from Holland. Actually, we were sort of entwinned with them,since we had been doing an interchange for years. But we thought, why not sharing work all along the course as well by working on projects together? As a result of these reflections ohmyghost project was born "”> By means of this tool we were able to cooperate with our partners in a meaningful way. So what can I say about this? Definitely, I am in favour of introducing collaborative projects in our classrooms. They do work! You are invited to gossip for a while in our wiki and see how we manage